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Prolonged diapause of northern corn rootworm, while known from other Midwestern states, has not previously been reported in Michigan. Populations of northern corn rootworm, (Diabrotica barberi) from two first-year corn fields in Genesee County, Michigan were examined for prolonged egg diapause. Pro- longed diapause was suspected in these populations due to an unusually high proportion of northern versus western corn rootworms in these fields. Eggs obtained from females collected at these sites were reared in the laboratory for two years. The presence of the prolonged diapause trait was confirmed in one population by eggs which hatched following two simulated winters (7.3%). None of the eggs m the second population hatched following the second chill period, however, some eggs in this population remained in apparent diapause at the end of two years. The potential for using observed population shifts in favor of D. barberi as an early warning of the expansion of prolonged diapause in a population is discussed.

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