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Leptoglossus occidentalis is reported for the first time from Connecticut, New York, Ontario, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming, representing an eastern range extension from Indiana and Michigan. Tsuga canadensis and Pinus mugo are added to the long list of coniferous hosts of this coreid. Approximately 233 of 316 northeastern specimens were collected inside or on the outside of buildings from August-May, confirming previous observations that L. occidentalis uses buildings for overwintering. Isolated records from Con- necticut and eastern Pennsylvania suggest human-mediated dispersal may augment its natural dispersal. The pattern of distribution records on a map of North America identifies L. occidentalis as one of the best documented examples of a native insect expanding its range eastward in North America. Striking differences in the color pattern of the abdominal dorsum facilitates separation of the closely related L. occidentalis and L. corculus.

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