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The results of a comprehensive 1988-1989 survey of the Lepidoptera in the 130 hectare Goll Woods State Nature Preserve in Fulton County, Ohio are presented. In addition many records of butterflies and skippers outside the confines of the Pre­ serve are presented for the first time. This is the fifth in a series of papers featuring the current status of lepidopterous fauna in Ohio's recreational areas. A total of 27 species of skippers, 51 species of butterflies and 394 species of moths was identified and tabulated for the county. Three species on this list are classified as endangered, Epidemia helloides, Lithophane semiusta and Ufeus plicatus, and two are threatened, Speyeria idalia and Clossiana selene. Although locally abundant, Lithophane semiusta Grote is known to occur only at this site in Ohio. A single specimen of Ufeus plicatus was taken and is the only known specimen for the state.

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