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Fiberglass screen barriers 1.2 m high were erected around small (7.3 x 3.7 m) plots of birdsfoot trefoil, Lotus corniculatus, to study the effectiveness of screen barriers in reducing adult plant bug migration into small field plots. Screened and unscreened (control) plots were sprayed with an insecticide at the onset of the experiment, and subsequent adult mirid migration into these trefoil plots was measured by sweep net samples during the following 24 day period. Combined adult Adelphocoris lineolatus, Lygus lineolaris, and Plagiognathus chrysanthemi densities were significantly lower in screened versus unscreened plots with 37070, 28010, and 23070 fewer adults at 7, 17, and 24 days, respectively, following insecticide application. Although these barriers were inexpensive and simple to construct, we conclude that they were not practical and effective enough for reducing adult mirid migration in small plot experiments of this type.

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