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The leafmining guild on apple in the northeastern United States was studied from 1983 to 1988. Ten species of leafminers, all Lepidoptera, were encountered during the sampling. Phyllonorycter spp. (P. blancardella and P. crataegella) were the most ubiquitous and most abundant throughout the region. Lyonetia speculella was also abundant in both managed and unmanaged orchards, indicating a potential to become a pest. Bucculatrix pomiloliella and Coptodisca splendorilerella were abundant in unmanaged orchards, but were only rarely found in managed orchards. Coleophora serratella, Stigmella pomivorella, Parornix geminatella, Tischeria malifoliella, and Recurvaria nanella were also found. A key to the most important leafminer species on apple in the mid-Atlantic states, based on leafmine characteristics, is presented.

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