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An economical technique was developed for mass rearing the gypsy moth para- sitoids Brachymeria lasus and B. intermedia using a factitious host, the greater wax moth, Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera: pyralidae). Percentages of host pupae producing adult B. lusus and B. intermedia were 72.2 and 67.5, respectively. Percentages of adult wax moths emerging from groups of pupae exposed to populations of B. lasus and B. intermedia were 3.4 and 9.8, respectively. Mean emergence times of males and females from parasitized pupae incubated at 29° C. were 12.1 days and 13.8 days for B. lasus and 11.9 days and 13.5 days for B. intermedia. This procedure provides a low-maintenance laboratory culture with high yields from host pupae.

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