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Populations of leafhopper vectors of X-disease, a major disease problem of the Michigan peach industry, were monitored by yellow sticky board traps and sweepnet samples during 1985 and 1986. Abundance of known leafhopper vectors varied throughout the stone fruit belt of Michigan, with Paraphlepsius irroratus common in the southwest Lower Peninsula, but representing 73.1 % of all known vectors found. Other commonly found vectors included Scaphytopius acutus (22%), Colladonus clitellarius (1.5'k). and Norvellina seminuda (3.4%). Yellow sticky boards were the best monitoring method used. accounting for 90.3% of all vectors captured. The appearance of X-disease symptoms on chokecherry throughout the survey area indicated transmission between wild hosts was occurring in areas where X-disease is not yet a major problem to growers.

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