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The life history of Gerris argenticollis was investigated in Jackson County, Illinois, March-June 1986, and the immature stages were described. The water strider also was reared from egg to adult under laboratory conditions. This univoltine species overwintered as adults that became active in early March, appearing on a temporary woodland pond after the air temperature exceeded 12°C. Seasonal occurrence of the adults and immatures is discussed. Adults were last observed in mid-June. Feeding records are given. G. argenticollis was reared on Drosophila melanogaster adults under a 10L: 14D photoperiod (ca. 2800 lux) at ca. 21°C. The incubation period averaged 12.5 days. The average durations of the five nymphal stadia were 9.0, 7.6, 8.0, 9.2, and 12.0 days. The total developmental period averaged 58.3 days.

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