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Excerpt: For more than 60 years, workers at the University of Michigan Biological Station have been concerned with the flora and fauna of the "Douglas Lake Region" - now generally defined, for ease of boundaries. as Emmet and Cheboygan counties, which share the northern tip of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

In 1915, Paul S. Welch published a list of Lepidoptera taken in the immediate vicinity of Douglas Lake, based on collections made from 19 1 1 to 19 13. The list includes 16 species in the families here considered (those before the Noctuidae in most checklists). A somewhat larger number of species, 55, were attributed to one (usually Cheboygan) or both of these counties in Moore's list of the moths of Michigan (1955) -- a few of them credited solely on the basis of Welch's list. 1 am now able to list 73 species in these families, all represented by extant specimens, and it seems well to assemble the information into compact form, as has been done for the butterflies (Voss. 1954, supplemented by Voss & Wagner, 1956). Additional species will certainly turn up in future years, in the field or in unexamined collections.

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