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Excerpt: The genus Callidora (subfamily Porizontinae) has traditionally contained a single European species, Callidora albovincta (Holmgren). Townes (1969) redefined the genus and included a second species (Campoplex analis Gravenhorst). At the same time he referred to three undescribed species, two from North America and one from the Philippines. Descriptions of these three are presented here together with a key to all five species now in Callidora.

Several relationships within this genus are noteworthy. The two North American species, tegularis and surata, are morphologically most alike. Quite distinct from these, but similar in body shape and propodeal sculpture is the European species analis. The remaining two, albovincta and atrognatha, have distinctive propodeal carinae in addition to a thorax which is more elongate in profile than that of the other species. Thus Callidora can be divided into two species groups which are easily distinguished on the basis of body shape and propodeal sculpture.

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