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The only extensive paper dealing primarily with the Odonata of Wisconsin is that of Muttkowski (19081, in which he included not only 78 species taken but 30 to be expected in the state. Subsequent records and corrections leave a total of 103 species for which definite evidence has been published (Ries, 1967:113).

The following account of new records of Anisoptera and Zygoptera taken during five seasons of collecting in the northern part of Wisconsin confirms the presence of four of the expected species mentioned by Muttkowski, and includes eleven others, making a total of 15 additions to the state list. As 12 of these species also occur in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Hebard, 1910; Combs, 1917; Byers, 1927: and Kormondy, 1958) few of the records are surprising. Rather, they are the result of the first intensive collecting in the area. Most of them extend the known range of the species concerned. some to a considerable degree. Unless otherwise specified, all these new records are from near Sayner in Vilas County, an area in which I have collected 73 species.

In addition to specimens listed below, several males of most of the species were sent to Dr. Robert W. Cruden, now at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, for chromosome counts (Cruden, 1968) ; these remain in his possession.

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