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The life history of Corythucha juglandis was investigated in Jackson and Alexander counties. Illinois. August 1981-December 1985 and the immature stages were described. The bug was also raised from egg to adult under controlled laboratory conditions. This apparently bivoltine species overwintered as adults that became active in late April-early May. began feeding on the undersides of black walnut leaflets, and reproduced shortly thereafter. The seasonal occurrence of the adults and subsequent immature stages is discussed. Adults were last observed in mid-October. C. juglandis was reared on black walnut leaflets under a 16L:8D photoperiod at ca. 23.9°C. The pre-ovipositional, ovipositionaL and post-ovipositional periods averaged 14.0, 50.3, and 11.9 days, respectively: average fecundity was 118.6. The incubation period, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th stadia averaged 16.4,4.3,3.8,4.2,4.6, and 6.7 days, respectively.

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