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About 43.000 larvae and 1800 adults of Hydropsychidae from Wisconsin were studied. These included Diplectrona modesta, Macrostemum zebratum, Parapsyche apicalis, Potamyia flava, eight species of Ceratopsyche, and 11 species of Hydropsyche, but because their larvae cannot be identified the nine species of Cheumatopsyche known from Wisconsin were not included. Keys were developed to separate larvae of species of Ceratopsyche and Hydropsyche that were collected in Wisconsin or are likely to occur here, and notes are provided to facilitate identification of closely related species. Two forms of Ceratopsyche morosa are distinguished, and the larva of Hydropsyche pIacoda is described. Most species have univoltine or bivoltine life cycles in Wisconsin, but D. modesla probably has a semivoltine life cycle. The various species inhabit a wide range of lotic habitats, and Ceratopsyche alternans also inhabits lakeshores. Larvae of Hydropsyche orris, H. phalerata, and P. flava occur only in large rivers; those of Ceratapsyche alhedra, C. bronta, D. modesta, and
Hydropsyche arinale occur only in smaIl streams. Tolerance to organic pollution varied widely, with C. morosa (morosa form. C.walkeri, D. modesta, Hydropsyche leonardi, and P. apicalis being found only in unpolluted streams, while C. morosa (bifida form) and Hydropyche betteni abounded in streams with significant organic enrichment. Larvae of some species were always associated with sandy substrates, others were found only in rocky or silt-bottomed streams. and species such as Hydropsyche bidens, H. orris, H. phalerata, H. placoda, H. simulans, and P. flava often burrowed into decaying wood.

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