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Moths now identified as Rhyacionia busckana are a mix of two long-confused sibling species. The name R. busckana applies to the species with male antennal pecten length subequal to antennal segment length. and with female sterigma width threecfold or more ostium bursae width. The name R. granti applies to the previously undescribed species ltype locality Iron Bridge, Algoma District, Ontario) with male antennal pecten length at least two-fold antennal segment length, and with female sterigma width less than three-fold ostium bursae width. Structural differences were discovered after sex attractant studies revealed differences in behavioral physiology and phenology. In the Great Lakes region, R. busckana larvae feed on Pinus resinosa and P. sylvestris, and Rhyacionia granti larvae feed on Pinus banksiana.

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