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Data are presented on the diapause and the seasonal emergence patterns of the adults of a univoltine Callosamia promethea population from northern Indiana and a partially bivoltine population from central Illinois. At Urbana, Illinois, the median emergence date of adults from overwintering Illinois pupae was about a month earlier than that of adults from overwintering Indiana pupae. Illinois samples had a much longer emergence period than Indiana samples. Indiana samples showed a slight tendency toward a bimodal emergence pattern, a few individuals emerging in late May and the rest emerging as a tightly synchronized group from late June to mid-July. Early emerging lIIinois moths produced mostly non.diapausing progeny, but the proportion of diapausing progeny increased as the season progressed. Some females produced both diapausing and non· diapausing progeny. Adults from non-diapausing pupae from early August to early September.

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