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A xiphydriid wood wasp, Xiphydria mandata, is very common in branches ofAeer spp. in Indiana. and is frequently the proximate cause of branches falling from shade trees. X. maculata is attacked by seven parasitoids: Alliaells bllrquei (Aulacidae), A. digitalis, Rhyssella nitida (Ichneumonidae), Xiphydriophagus meyerinckii (Pteromalidae), Coeloides rossicus betulae (Braconidae), Spathills elegans (Braconidae), and Orussus sp. (Orussidae). The latter three parasitoids prior to this study had no confirmed hosts; Xiphydriophagus is new to N. America. This parasitoid complex is compared with that of the Palaearctic Xiphydria camelus, showing a series of pairs of closely related Palaearctic and Nearctic forms.

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