Nearctic Endothenia Species: A New Synonymy, A Misidentification, and A Revised Status (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

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Peer-Review Article


Two Nearctic taxa are treated: Endothenia hebesana (Walker) and E. nuhilana (Clemens). Endothenia daeckeana (Kearfott) is deemed a junior synonym of E. hebesana because structural differences previously alleged to distinguish them intergraded when examined allometrically. A published record of the Palaearctic E. gentianaeana (Hubner) in Michigan is shown to be based on misidentitied specimens referable to E. hebesana. Differences are confirmed between E. nubilana and the Palaearctic E. quadrimaculana (Haworth), including structure of male unci, and the former is elevated to species status.

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