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Excerpt: The only publication to date dealing exclusively with the Orthoptera and Dermaptera of Michigan is that of Pettit and McDaniel (1918). In the fifty years since their paper, several factors have combined to increase by nearly one-third the number of orthopterous and dermapterous taxa known for the state. These have been better understanding of the taxonomy of some groups, more extensive collecting, the establishment over the past several years of five advents, and the unquestioned northerly extension during the past two or three decades of the ranges of several species previously known to occur to the south in Ohio and Indiana. As might be expected, some of these taxa have undergone changes in name during this period. A most interesting observation is that of the 142 forms occurring in Michigan, all except eight were described prior to 1918. Of the names which have been assigned since that time only one has involved a population completely new to science. The remaining names have resulted from changes made necessary by examination of types, or by the application of new or more sophisticated methods of analyzing populations and population segments.

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