Arthur H. Moeck

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Excerpt: In my study of Speyeria distribution (Moeck, 1957; Grey & Moeck, 1962; Grey, Moeck & Evans, 1963) it was found desirable to determine the degree of mobility of the individuals in a population of Speyeria atlantis (Edwards). For this study I selected an isolated population of atlantis along a tributary of Horse Creek on the eastern slope of the South Laramie Range, some 17 or 18 miles northwest of Laramie. The specimens along this tributary were dark and well silvered, closely approaching the typical "appalachian" form in the Black Hills. This colony, furthermore, was the only population of atlantis found in about four parallel tributaries of Horse Creek. By the term "appalachian" Grey and I refer to the "parent stock" of the species, ranging in the East from the Maritime Provinces to West Virginia and westward toward the Great Lakes.

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