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While a good deal of work has been reported on the natural history and ecology of the opiliones in Europe and England (Bristowe, 1949; Sankey, 1949; Todd, 1949; Phillipson, 1959; Savory, 1964; Juberthie, 1965), this important group has received little attention in North America. Bishop (1949) published a concise synopsis of reactions and general habits of the opiliones of New York and, in a Ph. D. dissertation, Edgar (1960) described the biology of the order in Michigan.

Current studies at Michigan State University on the effects of insecticides on non-target organisms have revealed an acute lack of biological information on the group, and before the effects of insecticides could be determined, life histories of the opiliones had to be clarified. Consequently, in 1966 a study of the ecology and rearing requirements of selected Michigan species was initiated. The present paper describes a new incubation technique for opilione eggs that shows promise of facilitating laboratory rearing of this group.

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