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In August 1965, numerous burrows of tiger beetle larvae were found on a short expanse of beach along the shore of Lake Michigan in Emmet Co., Mich. Several adults associated with the larvae were captured and identified as Cicindela hirticollis Say. Blanchard (1921) collected C. hirticollis a few miles south of this area in 1917, and reported he had not found it in the interior of either Emmet or Cheboygan counties. In an extensive survey of Michigan Cicindelidae, Graves (1963) found C. hirticollis to be restricted to the sandy shores of three of the Great Lakes. Apparently this insect is widespread in North America, since several investigators have reported it from beaches along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts (Davis, 1903; Dunn, 1891; Fox, 1910; Gould, 1834).

Because of the high population of larvae on the Lake Michigan beach in 1965, the area was reexamined August 12, 1966 to measure the distribution and abundance of the larvae.

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