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Excerpt: When work began on the Michigan Collembolain 1959, the Entomology Museum at Michigan State University included only one specimen of the order in its catalog of insects. The University of Michigan had a few vials of specimens determined by Harlow B. Mills, and a modest number was in the Robert R. Dreisbach collection at Midland, Michigan.

At the beginning of my investigation very little was known about the order in Michigan, although monographs had been written on the collembolan faunae of the nearby s t a t e s of Minnesota (Guthrie, 1903), Iowa (Mills, 1934) and New York (Maynard, 1951). I expected to find species that had been recorded from surrounding areas, and hoped to find a few new to science. Both aims have been fulfilled. In addition, some European species are recorded from North America for the first time. These include Orchesella irregularilineata Stach, Tetracanthella montana Stach, Odontella lamellifera (Axelson), Sminthurinus bimaculatus Axelson, and Sminthrinus igniceps (Reuter). A new subspecific name i s proposed for Sminthurinus quadrimaculatus Maynard. The present paper lists 132 species and subspecies of 46 genera that occur in Michigan. New species will be described in the future.

The present work follows a style s i m i l a r to that of Sherman Moore's A Revised Annotated List of the Butterflies of Michigan (1960), except that keys to the genera and species have been included. The taxonomy follows that of Salmon (1964); thus instead of the usual two suborders, four a r e recognized.

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