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Several reports deal in part with the systematics, distribution, or habits of one or another of the shield-backed katydids of the orthopteran genus Atlanticus. Included are Blatchley (1920), Cantrall (1943), Caudell (1907), Davis (1893), Hebard (1934), McNeill (1891), Rehn and Hebard (1916), and Scudder (1894). One species of the genus, A. testaceus (Scudder), is found commonly throughout Michigan and has interesting habits. As the species' feeding behavior was poorly understood, the author undertook an investigation dealing with that subject. The results are in press. During the course of that study much information was obtained on certain non-feeding aspects of the species' behavior. Findings with respect to the latter are given below. The project was carried out during the 1958-1961 field seasons at the University of Michigan's Edwin S. George Reserve, a biological preserve near the village of Pinckney, Livingston County, Michigan. The general area is described in detail in Cantrall's excellent report on the Reserve's Orthoptera (1943) and in less detail in the author's monograph on food selection in Orthoptera (1961). The specific sites of study, Southwest Field and Southwest Woods, are described in Gang- were (1965) and Gangwere (in press), respectively. The latter two re- ports may also be consulted for information on the techniques used during the study.

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