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Excerpt: In 1961 (Steyskal, 1961), I placed the genus Otites in a key to the North American genera of Otitidae and indicated the synonymy of the genus Ortalimyia. Bibliography and synonymy of the hitherto known species of our area will be found in the Catalog of the Diptera of America North of Mexico (Stone et al., 1965). The only previously published key to our species was by Hendel (1911, as Ortalis), wherein were included Cevoxys latiusculus (Loew) and the four species now known as Otites bimaculahs (Hendel), 0. evythvocephala (Hendel), 0. pyvvhocephala (Loew), and O. stigma (Hendel). The present treat- ment excludes Cevoxys but includes O. snowi (Cresson) and two new species here described as O. evythvosceles and O. michiganus, making a total of seven species.

The species form two rather distinct groups based on the width of the fronto-orbital pruinosity and the nature of the closure of the anal cell of the wing, as set forth in the following key. However, O. stigma (Hendel), while referable to the second group, shows characters indicating rapprochement to the first group.

The generic name, although not found in large Greek lexicons, is of a form that corresponds to a rather large class of Greek nouns ending in -ites. As these words are all of masculine gender, it seems reasonable, in the absence of other decisive evidence, to treat Otites as masculine.

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