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Excerpt: The genus Peridea Stephens, according to Forbes (1948), is composed of two subgenera: Lophodonta Packard and Peridea. To the former belong the two species, angulosa (J.E. Smith, 1797) and ferruginea Packard, 1864; to the latter only one species, basitriens (Walker, 1855). The foodplant of angulosa is given by Forbes (1948) as "oak," that of ferruginea as "birch." The larva of basitriens has never been described, while the larvae of the other two species have been described and figured in color by Packard (1895).

Efforts to fill this gap in our knowledge have been made by several lepidopterists, but there has been no report of successful rearing of basitriens. The most recent investigator to publish a detailed report about the failure to rear basitriens was Ferguson (1963). Efforts to rear basitriens were also made at the Entomology Research Institute, Canada Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Ont., but without success; on the report sheet is the interesting remark that the little caterpillars "dried" after hatching from the eggs.

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