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Formerly the Michigan Entomologist (Vols.1-4), The Great Lakes Entomologist publishes papers dealing with nearly any aspect of entomology. Appropriate subjects are those of interest to professional and amateur entomologists in the Great Lakes region, North Central states, and Canada, as well as papers directed to a larger audience. The journal is open access, and articles are published as they are finalized.

This is the new website for The Great Lakes Entomologist. New issues will be published here in the future.

Copyright © 2019 by Michigan Entomological Society. Published by Valparaiso University.

To view past issues, please visit our old website: http://michentsoc.org/gle-pdfs/index.html


Current Issue: Volume 51, Numbers 3 & 4 - Fall/Winter 2018 (2018)

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Lead Scientific Editor
Kristi Bugajski, PhD
Lead Production Editor
Alicia Bray, PhD

Associate Editors

Anthony Cognato, PhD
Julie Craves, PhD
David Houghton, PhD
Ronald Priest, PhD
William Ruesink, PhD
William Scharf, PhD
Daniel Swanson, MS