How To Become A Billionaire In One Year By Using AWS

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Poster Presentation

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Summer 7-23-2021


The purpose of my paper is to make a small-scale company become a billionaire company by using AWS in one year and to show how it plays a pivotal role in the IT industry. The agenda is to show the critical advantage of distributed computing which is the chance to supplant direct front capital framework costs with low factor costs that scale up the business. I choose this topic because AWS gives a profoundly solid, versatile, minimal expense foundation stage in the cloud that powers a huge number of organizations in 190 nations around the world. In 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) started offering IT framework administrations to organizations as web administrations are presently usually known as distributed computing. AWS cloud computing has emerged, and companies started using it which is more efficient and cloud-effective. My research completely went on what are the things, procedures, and types of AWS. I researched different types of AWS services. My analysis and conclusion are that the companies set aside the resources to make investments into progressive development to ensure the growth and future of the company. Having support and resources, allowing the company to grow and have limitless financial globalization achieved by using the AWS Cloud platform as it is a comprehensive cloud services platform that offers compute power, storage, content delivery, and other functionality that organizations can use to deploy applications and services cost-effectively with flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

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AWS is great for building a business from the bottom as it provides all the tools necessary for companies to start up with the cloud. Educational background: Bachelor's in Pharmacy and currently Graduating in Information Technology. My future goal: To work in the DevOps domain by using AWS tools. I became very interested in this topic as it gives a scope and opportunity for small companies to achieve large profits with minimal investments.

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