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Nick rosasco

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computing and information sciences

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Jaeda Nowacki,0000-0001-6975-7974:Dan Hautzinger,0000-0002-4504-458X

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Poster Presentation

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Summer 7-24-2020


this multifaceted project has investigated a number of security-related instruments in order to build a set of recommended tools for Information Technology practitioners constrained by minimal resources. Criteria for tool selection were identified, including operational complexity and reusability, to refine the possibilities found to a workable number of options. This list was largely informed by several available well-known platforms and suites; a secondary goal was to define a toolkit suitable for classroom instruction. Initial investigation led to the identification of the Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux. This combination provided a very large range of options and a portable/mobile capability. The main challenges to this project revolved around two goals: (1) locating tools that had little to no cost, and (2) identification of tools that are both easy to learn and suitable for those looking to create more secure network and host configurations with limited time, expertise, and financial resources.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Jaeda Nowacki is a computer science student, her current pursuits are getting her bachelors degree. Future goals include getting a job in the computer science field. She became interested in this topic because she is interested in cyber security as a hobby and potentially wants to branch into that field.

Daniel Hautzinger took on this project because he is currently involved in many different computer science and Cyber security courses. He became interested when his dad was once hacked and nearly lost 5,000 dollars to identity theft so he became interested in how to prevent that from happening again.