Data Reduction and Analysis of Photometric Data for 48 Evolved Stars from the All Sky Automated Survey and Valparaiso University Observatory

Faculty Sponsor

Prof. Bruce J. Hrivnak


Arts and Sciences


Department of Physics and Astronomy

Presentation Type

Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Summer 7-30-2018


We are carrying out research to determine the pulsation period of a specific stage in evolved, low-mass stars’ life cycles called Proto-Planetary Nebulae. Our datasets come from The Valparaiso University Observatory (VUO), as well as The All Sky Automated Survey – All Sky Catalogue (ASAS-ASC), and The All Sky Automated Survey for Supernova (ASAS-SN). These datasets complement each other to ensure that we get high-quality data for our very faint objects over long intervals of time in both hemispheres. The VUO has been observing on this project for over 20 years. The ASAS-ASC and ASAS-SN data recently became open to the public and we are using them in our analysis. We are using these three datasets to search for periodic photometric variability in 48 evolved stars. We do this by using a sophisticated period search program called Period04. Our research has found 18 objects that have one or more significant periods ranging from 37 to 208 days.

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