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Professor Stewart Thomas




Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

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Poster Presentation

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Summer 7-31-2017


This is a project for constructing a wireless power charging pad that simultaneously powers multiple devices. Our motivation comes from single device chargers that can only be placed in one area on the pad and only charge one device at a time. We are looking to have multiple devices placed anywhere a pad that will power all of them at the same time. The pad consists of a receiver coil, driver coil, and a resonant coil that resonates at 111 kHz. This is then connected to a DC power supply that passes through a transmitter circuit and a waveform generator that passes through a diode rectifier circuit into the driver coil. Measurements were then taken for an X, Y graphical representation of our circuit to visualize where the most power was being dissipated, and compared it to a simulation. Then, efficiency was tested using three coils on the pad. First one coil’s power was measured and recorded, then another coil was placed on the pad with the previous coil. Both of the measurement from the devices were recorded and added together, and this process was repeated when adding one more coil to the pad. Our results show that when more devices are placed on the pad, the system becomes more efficient.

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I will be a senior electrical engineering student a Valparaiso University. I have had classes that involve electronics and power for a wired system. My biggest motivation for wanting to do this project was to learn more about wireless powered systems. The goal is to have a prototype of our system by the end of summer and the main thing I want to take away from this is my experience from this project.