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Jana Stedman




Physician Assistant Graduate Program

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Poster Presentation

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Summer 7-26-2023


Objective: In children and young adults diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, does the early diagnosis of depression with regular screening improve their control of diabetes, compared to those who are not screened for depression? Methods: Valparaiso University Summons, EBSCOhost, and PubMed were used to find the articles used in this research. Search was narrowed to include articles written after 2018 and that were academic/ peer reviewed. 10 articles were reviewed that consisted of systemic reviews, meta-analyses, retrospective studies, cross sectional studies, cohort studies, and randomized control studies. Outcomes were measured using PHQ-9, SDQ, and CDI scores, as well as A1c’s of participants. Results: Depression scores when screened with questionnaires such as the PHQ-9, CDI, and SDQ showed significant rates of depression in children with type 1 diabetes. These screenings indicated depression and suicidal ideation. Studies also had significant results of increased hemoglobin A1c in correlation with depression screenings. Conclusion: With the implementation of depression screenings in children with type one diabetes there can be improvement on both the patient’s mental and physical health by helping to improve their glycemic control and depression.

Keywords: depression; depression screening; PHQ-9; SDQ; children; adolescents; diabetes; and type 1 diabetes

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Jessica McWatters has a special interest in pediatrics and plans to work in this specialty following graduation. She is a student member of American Academy of Physician Associates (AAPA) and the Valparaiso University Physician Assistant Student Society (VUPASS). She will be presenting on “The Importance of Depression Screening in Type One Diabetes and its Association with Glycemic Control.” because she has a special interest in helping kids better understand and manage their chronic conditions.