Design of a Test Stand to Support Materials Testing and Process Development in an Ultra-high-temperature Infrared Imaging Furnace


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Dr. Luke Venstrom

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Concentrated Solar Energy

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Summer 7-26-2023


The Solar Energy Research Group at Valparaiso University recently acquired an Infrared Imaging Furnace (IR Furnace) to support materials testing and process development research. By using gold-plated, parabolic reflectors to concentrate infrared radiation from Tungsten lamps to a line focus, the furnace is able to heat samples to temperatures exceeding 1400℃ at rates up to 1000℃/min, significantly faster than conventional high-temperature furnaces. Furthermore, with no need for insulation and with active cooling, significant cooling rates can be achieved, even exceeding 1000℃/min. In this project, we designed and manufactured a test stand for the IR Imaging Furnace. The test stand holds process tubes on the line focus of the furnace, and can be adjusted to accommodate different types and sizes of tubes. The test stand is also flexible enough to accommodate different sizes and types of fluid flow and/or instrumentation connections at the ends of the process tubes. Finally, the stand enables easy set-up for the user of the furnace. The user is able to load and unload tubes and their contents while keeping the fragile components of the IR Furnace safe.

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A newly acquired IR Imaging Furnace at Valparaiso University needs a stand to support development research, I will use my modeling skills to design and manufacture it.

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