Constant-Volume Cyclic Testing to Determine Input Parameters for Pore Pressure Generation Models

Faculty Sponsor

Carmine Polito Ph.D




Civil Engineering

Presentation Type

Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Summer 7-31-2017


In an effort to make soil response analysis for seismic loadings more accessible to practicing engineers, the ability of two laboratory test methods to produce the required input parameters for two different pore pressure generation models was assessed. The goal of the study was to determine whether the parameters for the cyclic traxial tests can be used in place of the less common constant-volume cyclic simple shear tests.

To appropriately predict soil responses under seismic loading, using the Green, Mitchell and Polito Method (GMP) it is necessary to obtain values for the mornalized dissipated energy of the soil. To use the Seed & Booker method, a single parameter known as the alpha value must be obtained. A series of cyclic triaxial tests and constant-volume cyclic simple shear tests were performed on tow soils at different densities to determine whether the necessary model parameters could be determined for each of the two different stress paths intrinsic to the two test methods.

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