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Tiffany Kolba


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Mathematics and Statistics

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Poster Presentation

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In recent years, many fire departments across the nation have begun to adopt the use of predictive analytics to identify the type and location of fires that are most likely to occur in order to more efficiently allocate resources. This project is collaboration between Valparaiso University and the Valparaiso Fire Department to perform a community risk assessmentfor the city of Valparaiso. The intial steps for this project were to organize and clean the data, which included inputting missing property values and correcting data entry errors. We then conducted exploratory data analysis. In particular, we created tables showing the amount of property that had been saved by the Valpariso Fire Department from 2016-2020, the span of their data, in order to highlight the positive benefits of their work. We also computed the grequency of various EMS dispatch complaints and analyzed their trends over time so that the Valparaiso Fire Department can better train and prepare their EMS personnel.