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In order for teachers to most effectively help their students retain knowledge, instructors must be aware of the achievement students are attaining from their homework assignments. Assignments are used as tools by teachers to guide students on their learning paths. If the assignments are not structured properly or if students do not turn them in, the gain of students towards academic achievement is lessened. This research looks at the effect that assignment completion can have on academic success in the middle school classroom. Completion percentages and test scores will be looked at on a unit basis for two separate health units. The literature reviewed revolves around student work in relation to overall achievement in school. Overall, the results correlated positively between student assignment completion percentage and high achievement tests.

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I am currently in my professional semester of student teaching, having maintained an overall GPA of 3.7 during my college career. In the fall of 2011, I was inducted into Kappa Delta Pi, an education honor society. During my sophomore year, I was a part of Alpha Lamda Delta, an honor society based on grades and community service. I have been on the Horizon League Academic Honor Roll multiple times, as well as a Presidential Academic Honors Student Athlete twice.

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What is the effect on overall academic success of completing homework assignments in the health classroom for 8th grade students?

Hypothesis: Completing homework should have a positive effect on a student's academic success, specifically with a positive correlation with a unit test on the same material.

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