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This research project is being conducted to find out what type of instruction is more beneficial to student learning and involvement in the field of mathematics. This project was chosen because through observation and conversations with people I have found that mathematics is not always a favorite or strong subject for most people. I wanted to find out if making cooperative learning a major part of instruction would change how students feel about the subject and if cooperative learning would have an effect on the grades that students are receiving in the class. My hope for this project is that it will help me and other teachers understand more about student learning and how our instruction can be the most beneficial for our students. Research concluded that student interest and participation increased with cooperative learning, but grades were not improved. Further research, over time, would help improve results and give a clearer picture of how cooperative and direct instruction affect student learning.

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I am a senior education major from Itasca, Illinois. I am student teaching at a Lutheran school in Valparaiso, Indiana. When I graduate I am hoping to work in a Lutheran school teaching math or science with middle school students. I have enjoyed being a part of the Education Department here at Valparaiso and I am looking to see what the future holds.

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Does cooperative learning or direct instruction methods improve student motivation and learning in the middle school math classroom?

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