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The class in which this research takes place requires that the students work on Netbooks individually and to improve their skills, they must practice outside of the classroom. Many students were not practicing outside of their required time in class, so the division of the weekly points was changed to include their "homework" of practicing their skills more specifically for their grade. With this change in "requiring" that the students complete this work outside of the classroom, it was hoped that they would begin to see an increase in their skill level and ability to complete more diverse problems. Many students began to realize that this work outside the classroom was essential to improving their grades. Although not all students took the initiative to work toward bettering their skills and really practicing, many students did make the initiative to improve their grades. It seemed that the students did not entirely make the connection between their extra work and improving their skills, but some did begin to work a little harder toward at least a grade-specific goal.

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My name is Jazmyne Davis and I am a senior Education major at Valparaiso University. I have been working with children since I was in middle school myself and have always loved being around them. I hope that in becoming a teacher I can be a positive influence and an encouragement in children's lives, such as many teachers were in mine.

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How can teachers demonstrate/teach the value of working on academic skills beyond/outside of the classroom? (self-efficacy/self-regulation)

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