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The purpose of this research study is to examine and identify poverty’s role in a students’ academic career, and especially in the student’s reading ability and test scores. Researchers have studied and recorded data for decades on poverty’s role in education. Research has indicated that poverty is one of the negative influences on a student’s academic career. Typically, schools that reside in a low-income residential or urban area have lower test scores and academic abilities among their students. Should teachers be accounted and paid on whether or not their students’ can pass a test when poverty, an unmanageable issue, is extremely apparent? The results from this study indicates that the affect of a student’s ability to learn is affected by poverty, but implementations of numerous reading activities may increase test scores overtime.

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Does socioeconomic status, of 11th grade history students, affect a student’s ability to read at the desired state reading level, and/or are there other outside influences that affects a students’ test score?

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