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My action research explores the most effective strategies for grammar instruction to middle school students, specifically at the sixth grade level. The purpose of this research is to help myself and other educators teach grammar in the most effective way. Data will consist of student work samples from differentiated lessons and surveys from students and teachers (sixth grade). The method of research is simple—every grammar lesson I teach will be differentiated and will implement a different strategy. Student work samples will be taken from these lessons for analysis. Student improvement and/or declination will decide the best teaching strategies. Student/ teacher survey answers will also be factors in the decision. Key findings from this research are still inconclusive, since my research is incomplete. The significance of this research is to educate and assist educators with the instruction of grammar and to ensure all students have the opportunity to reach success.

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As a Valparaiso native, I have come to love this community. I am hoping to find employment in the Valparaiso area, so I can continue to reside near home. Throughout my entire life, I have esteemed to be a middle school teacher—it has always been my calling. My ultimate goal as an educator is to encourage students to work their hardest, be true to themselves, and to venture outside of their comfort zones.

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What are the most effective strategies for teaching grammar to middle school students to ensure maximum student achievement? Students will achieve higher success rates in grammar applications if instruction is differentiated according to their needs.

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