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These days, most high schools are usually on semester terms. However, there are still some that use trimester terms, three 12-week trimesters, compared to two 17-week semesters. This research takes a look at how students handle a transition or routine change in the middle of the trimester. The 2nd trimester had their routine changed mid-trimester and observations were made on their behavior. A survey was also given to them questioning how their transition went from having the regular teacher and a student teacher. The 3rd trimester classes were also observed and given a survey. It was a little different for the 3rd trimester because they started off the trimester with the student teacher and were used to the rules and did not experience a transitional period.

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I am a fifth year senior double majoring in Physical Education and Secondary Education. I originally started out as an Accounting major for two years, but decided that it was not for me. I am very passionate when it comes to sports, and I enjoy being outside, the beach, and traveling. In my spare time, I like to read and complete volunteer service hours.

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Can students continue to be engaged when their routine is threatened?

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