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Through differentiation of physics curriculum, teachers are able to meet various students’ learning styles. Educators are able to differentiate the curriculum so that it builds on students’ strengths and addresses their weaknesses. An inventory can be administered to assess the students’ abilities with certain concepts, and this inventory could be compiled from various assessment questions. Once teachers assess areas of weakness, they are able to make adjustments to curriculum and lesson plans to address these issues. Teaching techniques found in Just-in-time Teaching: Blending Active Learning with Web Technology will be used in the lesson planning and instruction of the course taught in this research. After the curriculum and lesson plans have been implemented and completed by students, educators can then administer to their students the inventory again, now post instruction, to assess the effectiveness of their teaching techniques.

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I am majoring in both Physics and Secondary Education, and so this research covers boths areas of my study. This research is both important and valuable to myself as a future physics teacher, because it will help to develop effective teaching strategies.

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How effective are the strategies of Just-in-Time teaching (JiTT) and differentiating curricula to various students’ learning styles when it comes to students' overall learning and understanding of concepts in physics?

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