Most Recent Additions


Development of EDTA Crosslinked Beta-Cyclodextrin for Use in Drug-Eluting Cardiovascular Stents
Grace Burkhart, Kathleen Young, Nathan Mu, and Horst A. von Recum


Multi-material Topology Optimization using a Cellular Potts Model
Thomas Shomer, Aaron Scheiner, Timothy James Sego, and Andres Tovar


Astrobiological Fieldwork in Yellowstone National Park
Claire Kovarik and Kelly Davidson


Progress Towards a Library of Potential Fungicides
Anna Bockman, Jeffrey Pruet, and Justin Van Sickle


Behaviors of Zeolite L and Brooker's Merocyanine
Annamaria Durante, Ethan Ross, Payton Wills, and Jennifer S. Holt


Microfiber pollution in a southern Lake Michigan watershed
Edward Kostelnik, Julie Peller, Laurie Eberhardt, Cassandra Nelson, Robert Clark, and Chris Iceman


STAR Experiment and the Forward Upgrade
Joseph Snaidauf, Andrew Edwards Mr., and Claire Kovarik Ms.


Characterizing the Antimicrobial and Anticancer Activities and Several Associated Bioactive Compounds of Argemone mexicana
Teodora Najdeska, Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly, TJ Lefeber, Estefany Bocangel Gamarra, Annamaria Durante, and Kelly Davidson


Battery Application of Silver Molybdate
Allen Huff, Paul Smith, Julie Pohlman-Zordan, and Brendan Godsel


Graphene-Supported Ni4 Catalysts for Propane Dehydrogenation
Jacob Allred, Josh Duensing, and Stan Zygmunt Dr.

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