Most Recent Additions


Plant-Derived Supplements for Sexual Health and Problems, Part 2: Further Evidence for Specific Herbal Effects
David L. Rowland, Sean M. McNabney, Krystal R. Mulzon, and Samantha Trammell


Case —You Can’t Take It with You
Coleen Wilder and Sailu Li


Antimicrobial Activity and Germination Conditions of the Medicinal Plant Argemone mexicana
Kelly Davidson, Teodora Najdeska, and Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly


Quantifying and Analyzing Microfiber Pollution in the Salt Creek Watershed
Allen Huff, Ashley Smith, Eddie Kostelnik, Maria Kubalewski, Emma Montgomery, Julie Peller, Laurie Eberhardt, Robert Clark, and Christopher Iceman


Determining the Fate of NKCC1 in the Endocytic Pathway and its Role in Host Defense
Marie Dix, Payton Klosa, Amanda Bazaldua, Michael Watters, and Patrice Bouyer


Constructing Copoint Graphs of Convex Geometries
Giana Cirulli, Sierra Knavel, and Ezequiel Estrada


Classroom Acoustics
Micah Nord


Asymmetric Two-Sex Models
Gwyneth Terrett, Jared Ott, and Elizabeth Anderson


Synthesis of an Unnatural Fluorescent Amino Acid
Hannah J. Laatsch, Moriah G. Carmel, and Thomas Goyne

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