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Characteristics of and barriers to suicidology training in undergraduate and clinically-oriented graduate-level psychology programs
Danielle Jahn, Christopher W. Drapeau, Annmarie Wacha-Montes, Brenna L. Grant, Michael R. Nardorff, Michael J. Pusateri Jr, David J. Hannah, Gabriella Bryant, and Kelly C. Cukrowicz


U.S.A. suicide 2016: Official final data
Christopher W. Drapeau and John L. McIntosh


Innovating gatekeeper trainings: Incorporating peer educators, postvention and cultural competencies, active learning strategies, and novel evaluative methods
Christopher W. Drapeau, J. J. Muehlenkamp, L. Quinn-Lee, M. Underwood, W. Cross, P. Quinnett, and P. M. Gutierrez


Longitudinal predictors of suicide risk and suicide attempt history among a general population sample of US adults
Christopher W. Drapeau, C. Titus, P. Cartwright, K. Peterson, K. Speed, and M. Anestis


Borderline symptoms, posttraumatic stress, and nightmares as predictors of past suicide attempts and future suicide risk
B. Brotherton, B. Cleveland, H. Daw, K. Speed, Christopher W. Drapeau, and M. R. Nadorff


A closer look at nightmares and suicide risk: Exploring impulsivity as a potential moderator
N. Barclay, L. Runnels, S. Wigelsworth, C. W. Drapeau, and M. R. Nadorff


Insomnia, nightmares, and suicide risk: A longitudinal analysis of the relationship
N. Barclay, C. E. Titus, L. Battaglia, M. O'Brien, C. W. Drapeau, and M. R. Nadorff


Nightmares and insomnia symptoms prospectively predict the development of suicidal ideation
M. R. Nadorff, C. W. Drapeau, E. S. Winer, and J. K. Kilgore


Nonsignificance being significant: Alcohol use does not mediate the relationship between anxiety and suicide risk.
S. Wigelsworth, A. Payne, K. Peterson, C. W. Drapeau, and M. R. Nadorff


Where are the Binaries? Results of a Long-term Search for Radial Velocity Binaries in Proto-planetary Nebulae
Bruce J. Hrivnak, Griet Van de Steene, Hans Van Winckel, Julius Sperauskas, David Bohlender, and Wenxian Lu


Therapeutic Considerations Related to Finasteride Administration in Male Androgenic Alopecia and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Ion G. Motofei, David L. Rowland, Daniela L. Baconi, Simona R. Georgescu, Stana Paunica, Vlad D. Constantin, Denisa Balalau, Ioana Paunica, Cristian Balalau, Catalin Baston, and Ioanel Sinescu


Sexual Function, Obesity, and Weight Loss in Men and Women
David L. Rowland, Sean M. McNabney, and Alexx R. Mann


Attribution Patterns in Women With and Without Orgasmic Difficulties
David L. Rowland, Mia C. Medina, and Christopher R. Dabbs

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