Culture and Practice: Identifying the Issues

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Cultural Differences and the Practice of Sexual Medicine


Cultural competency has been a topic of concern within the healthcare community for nearly half a century. Among the issues that present the greatest challenges for practitioners and patients alike is that of sexual healthcare. Yet, few practitioners are prepared for the diversity of beliefs and cultural challenges that arise within the field of sexual health. This chapter focuses on the growing need for cultural competency, detailing the scope of the major issues that arise as populations and nations increase in both their domestic and international diversity, and showing how such issues are likely to negatively impact healthcare. A number of sample illustrations are used to underscore the relevance of cross-cultural sensitivity/understanding to issues related to gender, sexual identity, and sexual healthcare. This chapter concludes with a brief discussion about strategies to develop and sustain cultural sensitivity in ways that both serve the needs of diverse communities and increase their satisfaction with their healthcare experience.


Part of the Trends in Andrology and Sexual Medicine book series (TASM)