An Introduction to Statistics: An Active Learning Approach

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An Introduction to Statistics is the ideal text for incorporating an active learning approach to the subject of introductory statistics. Authors Kieth A. Carlson and Jennifer R. Winquist carefully and clearly explain fundamental statistical concepts in short and easy-to-understand chapters. The workbook activities were empirically developed to both reinforce and expand on these fundamental concepts. These activities are self-correcting and allow students to discover and correct their own misunderstandings early in the learning process. This learner-centered approach enables students to take ownership of thier learning and “read with purpose.” Based on contemporary memory research (e.g., the testing effect, embedded reading questions), the text is designed to actively engage students in learning statistics while they generate explanations, which leads to better long term retention. Along with carefully developed learning objectives, realistic research scenarios, practice problems, and self-test questions throughout, this text provides the clarity necessary for a thorough understanding of statistical concepts.