Enhanced Strange Baryon Production in Au+Au Collisions Compared to P+P at Root s(NN)=200 GeV

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We report on the observed differences in production rates of strange and multistrange baryons in Au+Au collisions at s(NN)=200 GeV compared to p+p interactions at the same energy. The strange baryon yields in Au+Au collisions, when scaled down by the number of participating nucleons, are enhanced relative to those measured in p+p reactions. The enhancement observed increases with the strangeness content of the baryon, and it increases for all strange baryons with collision centrality. The enhancement is qualitatively similar to that observed at the lower collision energy s(NN)=17.3 GeV. The previous observations are for the bulk production, while at intermediate p(T),1 < p(T)< 4 GeV/c, the strange baryons even exceed binary scaling from p+p yields.