Pulsational Light Curve Variability in Proto-Planetary Nebulae

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American Astronomical Society


We have monitored the light variability in post-AGB, proto-planetary nebula objects to determine their pulsation periods and amplitudes. Observations were carried out with the 0.4 m telescope at Valparaiso University, the 1.0 m SARA telescope at KPNO, and the 0.6 m SARA telescope at CTIO. Periods or quasi-periods have been found for about two dozen objects. They range from about 30 to 160 days, with the longer periods associated with the cooler stars (late-G) and the shorter periods with the hotter ones (early-F). V-band amplitudes range from 0.7 to 0.2 mag, with cooler objects having the larger amplitudes. The pulsations are complex, with multiple periods, changing periods, and/or changing amplitudes. In this study, we have included some fainter, previously unstudied proto-planetary nebulae. This research has been supported by the NSF (most recently AST-1413660).