Spectroscopic Classification of IR-Excess IRAS Sources

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American Astronomical Society


We have carried out classification spectroscopy (R~2000) of a sample of about 100 IRAS sources with excess flux at 20 microns. These were obtained with the KPNO 2.1 m and the Steward Observatory 2.3 m telescopes. Our main interest is the identification or confirmation of post-AGB objects. A number of them are indeed post-AGB, including proto-planetary nebulae. These range from K to B types, with the later showing hydrogen emission and in some cases other emission lines. Others appear to be M giants or main sequence stars, plus a couple of pre-main sequence stars. Some of the sample have previous classifications, which we list for comparison. The post-AGB stars are being monitored for light variability. This research has been supported by the NSF (most recently AST-1413660).