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Physics Letter B




Azimuthal correlations of charged hadrons with direct-photon (γdir) and neutral-pion (π0) trigger particles are analyzed in central Au+Au and minimum-bias p + p collisions at √sN N = 200 GeV in the STAR experiment. The charged-hadron per-trigger yields at mid-rapidity from central Au+Au collisions are compared with p + p collisions to quantify the suppression in Au+Au collisions. The suppression of the away-side associated-particle yields per γdir trigger is independent of the transverse momentum of the trigger particle (ptrig T ), whereas the suppression is smaller at low transverse momentum of the associated charged hadrons (passoc T ). Within uncertainty, similar levels of suppression are observed for γdir and π0 triggers as a function of zT (≡ passoc T /ptrig T ). The results are compared with energy-lossinspired theoretical model predictions. Our studies support previous conclusions that the lost energy reappears predominantly at low transverse momentum, regardless of the trigger energy.