An undergraduate student-faculty collaborative EBP project supporting a campus-wide tobacco free campus

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Journal of Nursing Education and Practice






The purposes of this paper are to describe a student-faculty, collaborative team and the evidence-based practice (EBP) project that supported a campus-wide, tobacco-free environment. Two faculty members served as mentors and undergraduate nursing students were selected to participate in a one credit independent study course outside the threaded curricular experiences. Weekly course meetings were used to assess course goals and EBP project progress. After reviewing literature evidence, a baseline campus survey, and focus group data, the best practice strategies were selected by the student-faculty collaborative team for a 3-year plan. The strategies included an orientation session to the tobacco-free campus during student fall orientations and a marketing campaign with social norm messaging. Pre and post-EBP project surveys to determine the effectiveness of the campaign were used to evaluate the outcomes of the team’s efforts. The undergraduate nursing students were effective in planning and implementing the project, and the students reported benefits and challenges to their involvement. The collaborative team was seen as an immensely positive experience despite the increased demands on time. Findings from this EBP project were similar to other literature on smoking abstinence on a college campus. One way to help undergraduate students better appreciate and gain expertise in the EBP process is to engage them in student-faculty collaborative EBP projects within the curriculum. In addition, an emersion experience offers expanded opportunities and greater expertise in EBP to students who can meet the challenge.