Non-State Actors in the Middle East: A Challenge for Rationalist Legal Theory

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In this book you will find articles from 55 authors coming from 32 countries, including professors from Harvard, Georgetown, Rome, Madrid, Hong Kong, Beijing, Sydney, Lisbon, Stockholm, Lyon, Hamburg, Kiev, all writing on one of the most important subjects of international law - monism and dualism. Among other contributors are judge ad hoc of International Court of Justice, European Court of Human Rights, judges of national courts throughout the world, members of International Law Association, etc. Geographical dispersion is amazing, including authors from all continents, destinations ranging from USA, UK, China, Russia, France, Germany to New Zealand, Barbados, Namibia, Peru, Colombia, Malaysia, and Jordan. Book and most of the articles are written in English, but there are some papers in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Serbian.